About Us


Mission Statement

Providing the new standard for weight loss through nutrition education.

A Social Enterprise

Bon’App was created to improve the quality of life for people worldwide by providing a tool geared toward healthier eating habits. The concept of Bon’App emerged in 2009 when Laurent Adamowicz, a serial entrepreneur and former food industry executive, was writing a thesis on the socio-cultural anthropology of food at Columbia University in the City of New York. Invited to join the Advanced Leadership Initiative in January 2010, Laurent first created a study group with faculty and students from the five Harvard schools in the program to launch the project, then incorporated Bon’App, Inc. as a company in May 2010. Working with a team specializing in nutrition, public health, and social media from several Harvard graduate schools and a highly experienced Board of Advisors, Bon’App was designed to be an effective tool to help users manage a healthier lifestyle with a simple approach: Find out what's in your food, then act upon that knowledge to pick the healthier option!

Bon'App Today

Bon’App is setting the new standard for weight loss through nutrition education with a mission to eradicate our nation’s obesity epidemic. We are redefining how people relate to their food, while providing one of the best tools on the market for weight loss. Think of Bon’App as an application that instantly tells you what’s in your food and how healthy it is for you. Bon’App is free on iPhone, Android, and on our website.

We provide our complete nutrition platform via an Application Programming Interface (API) which easily integrates with health/medical devices, fitness applications, or wellness platforms, allowing Bon’App to be the key nutrition component in any health and wellness solution. Our API has been approved by Qualcomm to be the nutrition standard on their Qualcomm 2Net Life Science platform.  In addition, our team of experts in nutrition, weight loss, and corporate health and wellness have developed a comprehensive Nutrition Education Program, which engages employees and educates them about weight management and the impact of nutrition on their overall health condition.

One of the many unique features of Bon’App is the voice activation function, which allows users to simply say a food or menu item—for example, ”grilled chicken”—and within seconds, it will show a list of branded or generic food items, as well as their Calories, Sugar, Salt, and Bad Fat. The Bon’App database covers over 95% of home foods, both branded and fresh, as well as most food items offered at US at restaurant chains.

Bon’App was incubated at the Harvard i-Lab for 9 months. It has since been ‘accelerated’ at Healthbox, a program in Cambridge, MA funded by BlueCross BlueShield Venture Partners and other strategic partners. Bon’App is now raising a seed round from angels and private investors to scale up development.

The Future

Bon’App is also looking to the future to develop the next generation of high-tech food ‘sniffing’ phones. In the future, Bon’App envisions phones manufactured with miniaturized equipment capable of recognizing organic gases, molecules, peptides, and other chemical/molecular signatures to identify foods. No need to say “pizza” to your phone anymore; it will smell it for you and tell you if it's right for YOU!